ayurharshaRenal Stones

Kidney stones (renal lithiasis) area unit little, exhausting deposits that type within your kidneys. excretory organ stones area unit product of mineral and acid salts. excretory organ stones have several causes. excretory organ stones type once the piss becomes focused, permitting minerals to crystallize and remain. Passing excretory organ stones are often painful. The pain of a nephrolith usually starts in your aspect or back, slightly below your ribs, and moves to your lower abdomen and groin. The pain could modification because the nephrolith moves through your tract. excretory organ stones typically cause no permanent harm. aside from pain medication and drinking variant water, treatment is usually needless. However, treatment could facilitate stop continual excretory organ stones in folks with hyperbolic risk.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Renal Stones :

In Ayurveda, many drugs have been described for treatment of all types of kidney stones (Shastri, 1981: Gopinath). Therefore, for the present study, Punarnavasav and varunadi kwath have been selected, since these drugs are commonly recommended by the Ayurvedic physician for the treatment of kidney stone patients.