ayurharshaNasya (Nasal Medication)

Procedure of Nasya :

Poorvakarma or pre purificatory measures: Includes facial oil massage or application of steam to face, forehead, head, ears and neck. This helps to loosen the adhesive doshas.

Pradhanakarma or main procedure of Nasya: This is the main step of Nasyam and includes instillation of lukewarm medicine in both the nostrils, alternately, with the help of conch or dropper. The sole, shoulder, neck, ear and palm are gently massaged after the administration of the medicine.

Paschatkarma or post therapeutic measuresIn this procedure, patients are given lukewarm water to gargle and then Dhoomapana(medicated smoke) is given for inhalation.

How Does Nasya Work :

The medications administered through the nostrils pervade into the nervous (Brain) and venous system (Blood circulation) present in and around the nostrils. Then they evacuate the morbidity present or distributed in nearby area. Thus it relieves the blockage of the channels and the diseases are cured effectively. Medicated oils / juices / powders stimulate the vital centres of brain to overcome specific diseases. Nasya treatment does not cause any serious side effects when performed by an experienced therapist.

Nasya isn’t Advisable When :
  • You have just consumed water or food.
  • You have just taken bath.
  • You have first stage of rhinitis
  • You have cough.
  • You have difficulty in breathing.
  • The weather is rainy or cloudy.
  • You are in your post delivery period. You should avoid Nasyam for at least six months when you are in this stage.
  • Nasyam is should also not be administered for people who are less than seven years or more than eighty years.

Benefits of Nasya :
  • Improves memory & eye sight, insomnia.
  • Eliminates headaches of various origins.
  • Prevents pre-mature greying of hair.
  • Eliminates frozen shoulder, migraine, stiffness of the neck.
  • Helps in Neurological dysfunctions, sinusitis.